I’ll be overweight by Friday: the last day of the world!

Yep, with any luck I’ll finally weigh in as “Overweight” any day now. That’s a great thing because my current size falls on the “Obese” chart right now. Today’s Wednesday and I’m only about three pounds away! With the program I’m following…if I stick to it…I just might hit that magic number and not a moment too soon.
It could be tomorrow. Or it could be the next day. Which is Friday 12/21/12…scheduled to be the end of the world. According to the Mayan’s calendar & that awesome John Cusack movie, 2012, it could be a ground-breaking day.
I don’t believe for a second that it will really be the last day of the world, but I’m starting to believe that it could mark a big day for me anyway. I’ve been working on this (okay, off & on, LOL!) for awhile. And since we go right off the ol’ Mayan calendar Friday & embark on uncharted territory…I’m going to declare a mission to find my skinny side!
Since I’m really writing this blog for me, I’m going to reveal the numbers. (Plus don’t we all want to know the details?! Just don’t judge your numbers by reading mine. We’re all on our own journey.) At 5’2 a particular chart says I must be 163, or less, to not be obese. So my first “fit ambition” for 2013 is to get off & stay off of that ugly part of the chart. (I say ugly…because I view heart disease, diabetes, and so forth…undesirables that I don’t want to meet!)
I know my #’s tend to bounce around a bit & I might see a new #, then an old #, but eventually the new one sticks & the #’s move down from there. It’s a downward trend. And that’s good enough…working on reaching the lower to mid 160’s and hold it fairly well through Christmas. Then January go find a spot in the 150’s…that’s the cool plan.
I’d like to spend next year getting fit, and working my way down the overweight scale to the “normal” spot (136lbs.). Can I be normal? That’s yet to be seen. And if I could hit “normal”, just how normal can I get? Or will I want to get when I get there??? Don’t know.
One thing I do know… I AM ready to tackle the future, past this Friday, & see where it gets me, on this small part of my ambitious journey…


Hello world!

Today is my husband’s birthday. In honor of him; our children & extended family; and friends everywhere…I am devoting this blog to getting healthy in 2013. The clock is ticking…in order to truly embrace life & be there for family as time goes on…it’s time to draw the line and embrace a new fit lifestyle!
I had entertained thoughts of “not wasting my twenties” and getting slim. My “thirties” passed on by…and now in the 2nd 1/2 of my forties I finally started getting serious. So far I have developed a few good habits in attending YMCA & Hot Yoga classes, making new fit friends, and I’ve started to drop a few pounds.
I can see major health challenges in my future & my family’s future if fitness isn’t a major priority! As a wife, Mom, and daughter…I’m charging myself with the responsibility of being a better example.
Anyone want to join me on this project? Your support & company on this journey would be much appreciated!
Blessings to you as we close out 2012! Approaching the new year is a great time to once again address losing weight & getting fit. Here’s to sticking with it, not as a diet or temporary goal, but a LIFESTYLE change we can LIVE with & Embrace together.